Trump Is Going To Try To Prove He Is Not A Racist By Talking To An African-American

The White House’s big solution to Trump’s racism is to have him talk to African-American Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina about racial issues.

Axios reported:
President Trump’s botched Charlottesville response was the low point of his presidency for some of his key aides. Now, he has a chance for a reset, at the same time that he’s reveling in the adulation for his surprise deal with Democrats. Trump meets one-on-one Wednesday with Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, the only Republican senator who is African-American, who told Vice after Charlottesville that the president’s “moral authority is compromised.”


Aides say Trump is most likely to take in information if there’s a personal story attached to it. The session with Scott provides exactly such an opportunity. The moment could be fleeting or consequential, depending on whether Trump realizes that, at 71, he has a lot of catching up to do.

The White House’s big plan to teach Trump to stop being racist is to have him talk to the only Republican African-American Senator about race. The fact that the White House feels the need to hold a racial intervention for the President Of The United States is the problem. America should not have a president that needs to educated about racism. The president is looked to provide moral leadership to the nation, but Donald Trump needs Tim Scott to explain racism to him.

Let’s call this what it really is. Trump is trying to create some good publicity for himself by taking a meeting and listening to Sen. Scott’s personal story, but the President Of The United States should need to be sat down and spoken to like he is a child.

Sen. Scott requested the meeting with Trump before his Charlottesville comments. The White House didn’t set up the meeting until after Trump started openly sympathizing with neo-Nazis and white supremacists, which suggests that the real motive of this meeting has nothing to do with racism. For Trump, it is all about political optics and coverage on cable news.

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