Trump Walks Away And Refuses To Answer When Asked If Hurricanes Are Related To Climate Change

When he was asked by reporters if the hurricanes are related to climate change, Donald Trump didn’t answer and walked away.


Here is the transcript as provided to PoltiicusUSA by the White House press pool:

Q: How much will this cost?

POTUS: Right now, we’re worried about lives, not cost.

Q: Question on DACA, how will you make sure Congress legalizes DACA?

POTUS: [No answer. At this point, POTUS was heading to South Portico.]

Q: Are the storms the result of climate change?

POTUS: [No answer]

Q: What do you mean by revisiting it [DACA] if they don’t?

POTUS: [No answer]

The man that the media is selling as a “new” Trump acted just like all the other previous versions of Trump by denying the role of climate change in the size and frequency of the storms. Trump and Republicans want Americans to believe that it is a coincidence that Hurricane Harvey was a once in 500 years flood, and Hurricane Irma could end up being a once in a century event.

The reality is that this is the same president whose EPA scrubbed climate change data from their websites. Republicans are selling a fairy tale of science denial to themselves by refusing to see the link between the increased frequency of extreme weather events and climate change.

Trump isn’t some rogue independent president. He remains a man who is driven by taking America back to the past. Trump resists change. He resists science, change, most importantly the reality that extreme weather isn’t a fluke. It is the new dangerous reality for every American.