The ACLU Destroys Trump’s Fake Voter Fraud Commission With One Sentence

The ACLU wrecked Trump’s bogus voter fraud commission by pointing out that there are more people on the commission than Kris Kobach has convicted of voter fraud in Kansas.

The ACLU wrote in a blog post:

Incidentally, there are more people on Kobach’s commission than people the Kansas secretary of state has convicted of voter fraud.

As the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law has also pointed out, all of the people testifying at the meeting are white men, despite the fact that election irregularities and abuses (and the voter suppression measures backed by Kobach) disproportionately affect people of color.

The Trump voter fraud commission has one purpose, and that is to make it more difficult for people who are likely to support Democrats to vote. The commission is also out to prove that Trump would have won the popular vote if it wasn’t for millions of imaginary illegal voters.

Trump can’t win a free and fair election, so he is trying to rig the vote in 2020 so that he gets a second term in office. There will be lots of unproven conspiracies about voter fraud at the hearing on Tuesday, but the ACLU has it right.

If there is so much voter fraud going on the United States, why haven’t been Republicans been able to catch anyone? It stands to reason that if millions of people are voting illegally, they should be pretty easy to spot.

The fact that there are more people on the commission than have been convicted of voter fraud by the Kansas Secretary of State makes it clear that the real purpose of this conspiracy theater is to provide a justification for voter suppression in 2018, 2020, and beyond.