Bipartisan Senate Amendment To Protect Transgender Soldiers Sends Trump Reeling

Sens. Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY) and Susan Collins (R-ME) have teamed on an amendment to the NDAA that would protect transgender soldiers from Trump’s bigoted attempts to kick them out of the military.

Here is the joint statement from the Senators:

collins gillibrand

The amendment stands a great chance of making into the final legislation, and it since the NDAA usually flies through the Senate, it should land on Trump’s desk. The military leadership does not support banning transgender service members. The Congress does not support the ban. Trump is alone on an island with nothing but some bigots to keep him company, which is really a fantastic way to imagine the bulk of the Trump presidency so far.

If Congress takes up legislation to protect the Dreamers, much of the bigoted agenda that Trump is attempting to enact will be undone. There is scant proof that the Republican controlled Congress has any serious interest in putting the country’s interests ahead of their own, but there are lines that even this look the other way Congress won’t let him cross.

There are limits to presidential power, and Donald Trump is about to find out that most of the Congress will come together against his efforts to ban transgender persons from the military.