White House Goes On Lockdown After Somebody Threw A Yoga Mat Over The Fence

The White House went on lock down on 9/11 after someone threw a yoga mat over the fence.

The heightened sensitivity and nervousness are understandable on this anniversary, but only Trump would get a yoga mat hurled at the White House:

Throwing stuff over the fence at the White House should never be done, but what was the message behind the yoga mat?

Was someone trying to tell Trump to get more exercise? This president views exercise as a waste of energy, so maybe the mat was some form of fitness protest. Perhaps, someone was tired of having their quest for inner peace disrupted, so in exasperation, they tossed the mat over the White House fence toward their tormentor.

Whoever did this could not have picked a worse day to do something so dumb.

Obama got Bin Laden. Trump got a yoga mat. That pretty much sums up where we are in 2017.

Update: According to the Secret Service a sign and a notebook were thrown, so no yoga mats were involved: