Rachel Maddow Nails Trump By Laying Out The Scope Of The Russia Cover-Up

Rachel Maddow laid out the size and scope of how many Trump administration or campaign officials have lied about connections with Russia.



Maddow was talking about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ excuse for not disclosing contacts with Russians when she said, “Someday, I swear we are going to run down all of the cover stories, and excuses, and denials that have come out of the Trump administration and the Trump campaign over the last nine months just on the issue of their contacts with Russians….It’s a pretty astonishing list now. It includes the Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner, and Donald Trump Jr., and Mike Pence, and Kellyanne Conway, and, and and. To the extent that there has been a coordinated or uncoordinated effort by multiple people in the administration to cover-up the extent of connections dealings between Trump and Russia. There have been a lot of people in the administration and the campaign who have participated in that activity.”

Maddow then interviewed David Corn from Mother Jones about his story about how Trump lied and hid his Russia business partner connection during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The MSNBC host covered something that is overlooked by the rest of the media. The size and scope of the Trump administration Russia connection lies is huge. All of the top figures in the Trump White House have been caught lying about contacts and communications with Russians.

It is impossible to believe that the Russia cover-up was not coordinated within the administration.

Rachel Maddow continues to connect the dots on Russia and examine the scandal from more than a day to day perspective. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is digging deeper into the potential for a White House cover-up.

A good way to understand the size of Russia scandal is to take a look at the number of current and former Trump campaign and Trump administration officials who lied about contacts with Russians.