Trump Gets Crazier And Declares All Books And Articles By People He Doesn’t Know Fake News

According to Trump, the only books and articles about him that are real are written by people that he knows.

Trump tweeted:

Since we know that this president doesn’t read outside of the major newspapers and the folder of press clippings that is handed to him, this was a fit about negative press coverage of his behavior. Trump has taken his definition of “fake news” to a whole new crazy place.

Now anything written about Trump is fake unless the person doing the writing has access or knows him. In practical terms, this means that according to the President, the only real stories about him come from his friends in conservative media, tweets, and the White House.

Since Trump doesn’t hold press conferences by himself in the White House and limited his access to mostly friendly media, he is saying that any objective story written about him from a non-Trump approved source is fake.

Trump is the president, and he is trying to discredit anything written about him that isn’t propaganda.

Donald Trump’s impulses are authoritarian, crazy, and a danger to the free press in the US.

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