Trump Is Trying To Get An ESPN Anchor Fired For Calling Him A White Supremacist

The Trump White House used part of daily press briefing to call for the firing of ESPN anchor Jemele Hill because she called Trump a white supremacist and a bigot.


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Transcript as provided to PoliticusUSA by the White House:

Q Yes, you mentioned a couple times today — you’ve sort of emphasized diversity in the West Wing. You talked about the President being very clear after Charlottesville in denouncing all hate. I just wanted to read a comment from an influential African American sportscaster from ESPN yesterday, who said, “Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists. His rise is a direct result of white supremacy, period. He’s unqualified and unfit to be President.”

Why do you think — do you have a reaction to that? And is the President aware of that comment?

MS. SANDERS: I’m not sure if he’s aware, but I think that’s one of the more outrageous comments that anyone could make, and certainly something that I think is a fireable offense by ESPN.

Sanders’ statement that she wasn’t sure if Trump was aware was a joke, because Trump close monitors the daily briefing, and goes as far as passing notes to the press secretary on what to say. Trump is obsessed with his media coverage, so while North Korea’s nuclear program is accelerating at a rapid state, Donald Trump and his White House are trying to get an ESPN anchor fired for stating an opinion that most Americans believe is the truth.

Trump should be governing, but instead, his White House is busy trying to get members of the media fired.

This is not what a White House does, and the idea that an anchor should be fired for criticizing Trump is a thought that puts the freedom of the press in jeopardy.

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