Republicans To Embarrass Themselves By Unveiling A Tax Plan That Contains No Numbers

Trump, House, and Senate Republicans are making a big deal out of their tax plan consensus document that will be unveiled on September 25, but the statement is going to contain no details or tax rates.

That sounds like big news, but there is more:

Trump and the Republicans are going to announce a tax “plan” that contains no numbers, details, or legislative text. They are set to release a plan that isn’t a plan, but a wish list for tax reform.

House Republicans wouldn’t commit to there being actual tax rates in their tax plan:

The American people are being set up for a replay of the Obamacare repeal debacle on tax reform. Republicans aren’t going to put forward a bill for the public to examine, but are likely to try to jam something through the House and Senate that cuts taxes for the wealthy before the end of the year.

Republicans can’t govern. Their agenda is despised, and they act like they have no idea how a bill becomes law.

Trump, Ryan, and McConnell have turned the legislative process into a joke, and they are going use their chaos to tell you as little as possible as they cut taxes for the rich.