Trump Is Trying To Take Health Insurance Away From 32 Million Americans Before September Ends

An analysis of the last ditch health care bill that Trump and some Senate Republicans are trying to push through the Senate before the end of September reveals that 32 million people would lose their coverage.

Andy Slavitt tweeted this summary of what the Graham-Cassidy-Heller healthcare bill does:

There is growing talk about Graham-Cassidy as Trump is pushing Mitch McConnell to rush this bill to the floor for a vote, but keep in mind that this legislation is actually worse than the Obamacare repeal bill that failed to pass the Senate over the summer. Graham-Cassidy would cause 32 million people to lose their health insurance. The reason why this bill is more attractive to some Republicans is that it pushes the blame for the loss of coverage off on the states, by cutting the money given to states and forcing them to do the dirty work of throwing people off of their insurance.

The battle to save Obamacare is far from over. Trump is trying to take another run at taking health insurance away from as many Americans as possible. As some on the left have their eyes on single payer, it is vital that focus is kept on the present. Republicans aren’t giving up the fight, so before a conversation can be had about the future, the battle over Obamacare must be won.