Jaws Drop As Trump Admits That He Never Knew Category 5 Hurricanes Existed

During a gaggle with reporters aboard Air Force One, Donald Trump admitted that he never knew that there was such a thing as category five hurricanes.

According to the White House Press Pool as provided to PoliticusUSA:

“It’s been a rough time for Florida,” Trump said.

Trump cited the work done by first responders following Hurricane Irma. He said they did an “A plus job.” President Trump noted Texas was hit with a hurricane ahead of Florida and began citing other areas affected by the recent pair of hurricanes including the Florida Keys, which he pointed out was “hit with a category five.”

“I never even knew a category five existed,” marveled Trump.

Brian Stelter of CNN has verified the accuracy of the quote:

Trump claimed that he has the best brain and that he is a smart person, but the man charged with protecting the people of the United States and responding to natural disasters didn’t know that category five hurricanes exist. It is impossible to believe that Trump could be this dumb, especially after Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Wilma. Trump has property in Florida, so if he doesn’t know about category fives, he is one of the most oblivious people in history.

Donald Trump might be the least intelligent person ever to hold the office of the presidency. Trump is unfit for office, and his stupidity is not only damaging the presidency. It is also putting American lives at risk.