Trump Humiliates Himself In Florida While Trying To Bash Obama For Hurricane Response

Trump tried to take a shot at Obama for not coming to the last Florida, but the last hurricane to hit Florida happened four years before Obama took office.

Alex Wayne of Bloomberg tweeted the exchange:

Stupidity and pettiness are a deadly combination, and Donald Trump is fueled by both.

It is not shocking that Trump who is obsessed with the fact that he lives in Obama’s shadow and can’t measure up to the former president would go right along with his supporter’s ignorant attempt to bash the former president. One gets the sense that Trump isn’t in Florida because he cares about the victims of the hurricane, but he is there because he wants good TV coverage and he is still trying to be taken seriously as a president.

From day one, Obama was taken seriously as a president. Trump is entering the final quarter of his first year in office, and the vast majority of the country does not believe that he is a competent leader. Only Trump would use his tour of the aftermath of a hurricane on US soil to whine about his media coverage and try to take a shot at Obama.

It all backfired and revealed that Trump focus always remains on himself, and his obsession with how he will never be as respected as Obama.

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