Trump Tries To Profit Off Of Hurricane Irma Victims By Using Florida Visit To Sell Hats

Upon landing in Florida to check out the damage from Hurricane Irma, Donald Trump showcased a baseball cap that is for sale on his website for $40.

Video of Trump landing in Florida:

Here is the link to the hat, which is for sale on Trump’s website.

Donald Trump is turning the presidency into his personal home shopping channel. Republicans in Congress are turning a blind eye to Trump profiting off of the presidency. Never has a president used the office to sell a personal brand. Trump is using taxpayer funds to solicit campaign donations through the selling of hats. Trump is mixing official and political travel in a way that has never been seen. There is an argument that can be made that when Donald Trump sells campaign merchandise, the trip should not be considered official travel and be fully funded by taxpayers.

Many people in Florida lost everything, but Donald Trump is coming to their state to sell hats, and blur the lines between the presidency and his personal business activities.