Hundreds Of Decent Americans Overwhelm White Supremacists Protesting At Confederate Monument

In Richmond, VA, dozens of protesters surrounded a monument to Gen. Robert E. Lee in the name of defending it, but the group was surrounded by hundreds of people marching for unity and against white supremacy.

Video from CBS:

CBS News reported, “Protesters defending Confederate statues surrounded a monument of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Virginia, Saturday, but counter-protesters far outnumbered them, forming a crowd of several hundred people.”

The Richmond Police reported that there had been no violence:

There was one woman arrested for disorderly conduct:

People aren’t fooled talk of protecting statues and coded language about “protecting heritage.” The heritage the monument supporters are protecting is rooted in racism and a system of white superiority. Contrary to what Trump says statues of Robert E. Lee aren’t comparable to those of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Washington and Jefferson founded a country. Lee tried to tear it apart with the bloodiest war ever on US soil.

Good people are making their voices heard. With Charlottesville still fresh in the minds of people all of the nation, it is clear that if the President Of The United States won’t speak up for what is right, the American people are going to have to take to the streets to defend the values of the nation.