Republicans Are Making A Last Ditch Effort To Repeal Obamacare, And We Need You To Stop Them

Republicans are moving full steam ahead with a health care bill that is even worse than Obamacare repeal, and you need to make your voice heard to stop them.

Some of the left may have thought that the fight was over after the Senate failed to pass Trumpcare 2.0, but as Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer alerted last night, Obamacare repeal is back, and Republicans are trying to sneak it through Congress before the end of September.

Graham-Cassidy is the name for the new and unimproved version of Obamacare repeal. The Graham-Cassidy bill is so dangerous because it turns the Affordable Care Act into a block grant that penalizes states for adequately providing people with health insurance coverage. The bill would allow insurers to discriminate and raise rates on people preexisting conditions while throwing 32 million people off of their coverage.

This bill must be stopped. Let the Senate know that you are paying attention by getting involved and signing the petition.
Trump pledged earlier this week that he would veto any single payer bill because it is “un-American,” but he and Senate Republicans are trying to push through a bill that would harm at minimum 162 million Americans. Whether you get your health insurance from your employer, the exchanges, Medicaid, or your parents, Graham-Cassidy is a threat to your health care.

Don’t let Trump and the Republicans lull you to sleep and steal your health insurance coverage. Sign the petition here.