Trump’s Mental State Craters As He Shares An Image Of Violence Against Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump retweeted a video of him hitting Hillary Clinton with a golf ball and knocking her down as the mentally unwell president is encouraging violence against women.

Trump retweeted a GIF from one of his supporters:

Anyone who listened to the Access Hollywood tape knows that Trump hates women and has acted on his violent sexual impulses towards them. What Trump shared on his Twitter accounts provided a great deal of insight into his damaged state. Trump hates Hillary Clinton. He is obsessed with the fact that she won the popular vote. He can’t stand the idea that a woman has more legitimacy than he does. Men are responding to Trump’s violence against Clinton GIF by calling it juvenile, but I think that description misses the point.

The President Of The United States just shared a GIF of himself committing a violent act against a woman, not just any woman, but the most respected and admired woman in the world.

Most Americans don’t want to go there, but the man occupying the White House is the lowest of the low. Trump is encouraging violence against women. It is time to stop dancing around the truth about this man. Not only is he unfit to be president, and not mentally well, but Donald Trump is also an abusing low-life whose behavior is more suited to a prison cell than the Oval Office.