Dem Senator Blasts GOP For Only Allowing 90 Seconds Of Debate On Health Care Bill

Adding another layer of shame to the renewed GOP efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and take health insurance away from millions of Americans, Republicans in the Senate are only allowing 90 seconds of debate on the Graham-Cassidy bill.

Democratic Sen. Brian Schatz blasted for Republicans for this “abomination,” calling their efforts “legislative malpractice.”


Sen. Schatz said, “I think we will have anywhere from – literally, by rule – 90 seconds to two minutes of debate on this legislation. Now that is an abomination, that is legislative malpractice.”

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes chimed in, “By rule – I want people to understand this – there are essentially 90 seconds – seconds, everyone just clock that in your head – that’s 90 seconds of debate left for this entire legislation before the Senate. Is that accurate?”

“That’s accurate. … There’s no reason to do it this way,” Schatz responded. “They are blowing this thing up so that they can shove this down the American peoples’ throat, and it is all because they have no political wins this year and so they’re gonna inflict pain on their constituents just to notch a win for Donald Trump.”

It’s bad enough that Republicans are working to quickly pass a piece of legislation that would take health insurance away from millions of Americans, spike premiums, and dismantle Medicaid.

It’s a whole new level of disturbing that they are doing it without a thorough score from the Congressional Budget Office or serious debate on the Senate floor.