Rhode Island To Pay For DACA Renewal For All Of The State’s DREAMers

A coalition of individuals and organizations, led by the governor, have come together to raise enough money to pay the $495 DACA renewal fee for all of the state’s DREAMers

Here is the announcement:

No government funds are being used. Instead, a coalition of individuals, local, and national organizations have raised enough money to cover the renewal fee for every single DREAMer in Rhode Island, so that can apply before the October 5 deadline. Gov. Gina Raimondo is leading the effort that demonstrates what people are capable of when they come together to fight bigotry.

The DREAMers have widespread political support outside of Donald Trump and niche of far-right extremists.

America isn’t going to let Trump throw 800,000+ people who were brought to this country as children to be deported, or be frightened into self-deporting.

The DREAMers aren’t going to leave this country without millions of Americans fighting for them.

The United States is not Trump’s DACA decision, but an open and tolerant land of opportunity that won’t throw people out of the only nation that they have ever known.

DREAMers are students. They are workers. They are valued members of our communities, and they deserve to stay in the US.