Trump’s Lawyers Are At Each Other’s Throats And Cracking Under The Russia Scandal Pressure


A bad sign for Donald Trump is that his legal team is openly fighting with each other in public as the Russia scandal is drawing closer to the President.

The New York Times reported:

The friction escalated in recent days after Mr. Cobb was overheard by a reporter for The New York Times discussing the dispute during a lunchtime conversation at a popular Washington steakhouse. Mr. Cobb was heard talking about a White House lawyer he deemed “a McGahn spy” and saying Mr. McGahn had “a couple documents locked in a safe” that he seemed to suggest he wanted access to. He also mentioned a colleague whom he blamed for “some of these earlier leaks,” and who he said “tried to push Jared out,” meaning Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, who has been a previous source of dispute for the legal team.

After The Times contacted the White House about the situation, Mr. McGahn privately erupted at Mr. Cobb, according to people informed about the confrontation who asked not to be named describing internal matters. John F. Kelly, the White House chief of staff, sharply reprimanded Mr. Cobb for his indiscretion, the people said.


Only Trump would hire a legal team that wasn’t smart enough to keep their public conversations quiet in a popular public place. It is Washington, DC. There is a good chance that there could be journalists in a popular restaurant.

Not only is Trump in way over his head, but his legal team looks to be overmatched by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. A President who once boasted that he hires the best people can’t even find lawyers who don’t loudly argue with each other in public.

The public White House line is that the Russia scandal is nothing, but the behavior of Trump’s lawyers is telling a different story. The pressure is getting to the White House. They can’t hide from the scandal. Dismissing the Russia story only makes it stronger, and the lawyers that are supposed to keep Trump from getting impeached can’t stop fighting with each other.

The writing is increasingly visible on the wall. The Russia scandal is not going to end well for Trump.