The Daily Show’s Perfect Response Took Trump Down Hard For His Childish UN Speech

The Daily Show had the perfect response to Trump’s UN speech. They put out a video framing Trump as a troubled seven-year-old boy who was allowed to address the UN.


The video, even though it was a parody, perfectly captured the tone of Trump’s speech to the UN. Trump is the grown man-child who desperately wants to prove that he belongs with the adults, but can’t save himself from his own childish outbursts.

The speech was a fragmented mess regarding substance. There were a lot of cooks throwing ingredients into that Trump speech, and the result was a pile of dreck that lacked any depth and consistency. Donald Trump as the troubled child who needs a mentor is the perfect analogy for the predicament that America currently finds itself in. Trump stumbles over words that are too big for him and resorts to policy through childish insults.

Trump wants to be taken seriously as a president, but this speech showed that any person can win an election, but if they lack the intelligence, temperament, and skills, they will never be a president.