Just Look At The Reaction Of Chief Of Staff John Kelly To Trump’s UN Speech Disaster

Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly was captured with his head in his hands, as he listened to the President threaten to totally destroy 25 million people.

Here is the picture:

Trump’s speech with a threat to totally destroy North Korea and the decision to call Kim Jung Un “rocket man” was a humiliating disaster, but as Gen. Kelly knows threatening war comes with potentially grave consequences. Remember all of those stories about how Kelly was getting Trump under control and bringing order to the White House? Watch Trump’s speech, and look at Kelly’s reaction. It is clear who is winning the fight between order and chaos, and it isn’t the Chief of Staff.

The Trump speech was a disaster, no matter how much some in the media may bend over backward to justify it, as in I literally heard one pundit praise the speech as not being as bad as he expected, the picture of the man in charge of getting the crazed president under control speaks louder than any spin ever could.

John Kelly looks like a defeated man who knows that this president is on the way to taking the country into war.