In A Stunning Moment, Republican Senator Basically Tells Sick Americans To Go Die


On MSNBC, Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) said that Americans should not have essential health benefits in their health care, which means that if people get sick, the Republican message is go die.



Barrasso repeated the same old Republican boilerplate lies about Obamacare, but when he was asked about the lack of essential health benefits, Sen. Barrasso answered, “And there shouldn’t be. There shouldn’t be.”

Sen. Barrasso got testy with Katy Tur when she asked him to assure his Wyoming constituents that they wouldn’t lose their health insurance under Graham-Cassidy.

Essential health benefits are important because they cover things like emergency services, prescription drugs, rehabilitation, mental health care, lab tests, maternity care, and preventive medicine. If you are a person with diabetes, or someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, or maybe you or your child have a heart problem, Sen. Barrasso is saying that you should not have a health insurance plan that will provide the essential benefits that would keep you or your loved ones alive.

The Republican motto is that people don’t deserve a level of basic coverage that could keep them alive in the event of an illness or an emergency. Republicans are saying that if a person gets sick, they better come up with the money to afford to live, or they can go die.

Barrasso unintentional summed up the Republican view on healthcare, and what the GOP is trying to sneak through Congress would be a death sentence for tens of thousands of Americans each year.