Robert Mueller is Pushing At Warp Speed To Determine if Trump Has Been Compromised by Russia

The Russia booms are fast and furious these days.

Today’s bombshell comes via the New York Times: Special counsel Robert Mueller is looking at President Trump’s actions while President, including interactions with Russian agents. So Mueller is not only focusing on obstruction of justice. Mueller is pushing at warp speed to answer the critical question of whether or not Trump has been compromised by a foreign power.

“Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel, has asked the White House for documents about some of President Trump’s most scrutinized actions since taking office, including the firing of his national security adviser and F.B.I. director, according to White House officials,” Michael Schmidt reported in the NYT.

“Mr. Mueller is also interested in an Oval Office meeting Mr. Trump had with Russian officials in which he said the dismissal of the F.B.I. director had relieved ‘great pressure’ on him.”

More Russian boom, “Additionally, the special counsel has asked for documents about how the White House responded to questions from The Times about a June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower. That meeting was set up by Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, to get derogatory information from Russians about Hillary Clinton.”

This revelation got us another “Boom!” from Ben Wittes:

MSNBC Justice and security analyst Matthew Miller (he has also worked on campaigns for the DSCC) noted that this suggests that there is clearly one question driving Mueller, “Has POTUS himself been compromised by a foreign power.”

The evidence will speak for itself, but it’s fair to say that the actions of the Trump administration – and indeed many Congressional Republicans – appear to be a cover up attempt.

The question of whether or not the President of the United States has been compromised by a foreign power is so critical to world democracy that any president who had nothing to do hide would be leading the charge to protect this nation from Russian interference.

Donald Trump is not doing that.

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