Trump’s Health Secretary Is Using Taxpayer Money For Expensive Flights On Private Jets

Democratic leaders officially called for an investigation into Trump Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price on Wednesday, saying Price is using taxpayer dollars to fund expensive private jet flights.

According to The Hill, Democrats called for the investigation into his travel “following a report that said Price took private jets on five flights for government business last week.”

More from the report:

Reps. Frank Pallone Jr. (N.J.) and Richard Neal (Mass.), along with Sens. Ron Wyden (Ore.), Patty Murray (Wash.), and Gary Peters (Mich.), signed the letter, which asks a series of questions about Price’s travel.


Pallone announced earlier in the day he would call for the investigation.


“American taxpayers deserve assurances that their tax dollars are not wasted by the government’s highest officials, and we are committed to holding Secretary Price to his stated pledges to reduce waste throughout the Department,” the letter reads.


The letter asks that the inspector general determine why Price did not fly commercially for five different business flights last week. The letter also asks for details about the chartered flights, including who booked the travel and the identities of other passengers.

One of those flights – as MSNBC’s Chris Hayes pointed out on his show on Wednesday – was between Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., a route with plenty of affordable options. Instead, Price chartered a private jet that cost American taxpayers $25,000.

If Price chose to fly commercial, as is typical of lawmakers, the price tag would have been just $725. On Amtrak, it would be even less costly – $544.

As Rep. Pallone said, “I would remind Secretary Price that taxpayer funds are not meant to be used as a jet-setting slush fund.”

Meanwhile, as Price squanders U.S. taxpayer funds for his expensive private flights, he and his boss are working tirelessly to take health insurance away from millions of Americans.

Imagine that.