Alabama GOP Senate Candidates Fight Over Who Loves Trump More During Insane Debate

In what was a borderline insane affair on Thursday in Alabama, two Republican Senate candidates hoping to win Jeff Sessions’ old Senate seat – Luther Strange and Roy Moore – fought over who had the biggest political crush on Donald Trump.

That’s right: The two men jockeying to be the U.S. Senator from Alabama were wrapping their arms around one of the most dangerously incompetent and unfit commanders-in-chief the United States has ever seen.

According to reporting from The Hill, “the two sparred over who would be the better steward of President Trump’s agenda.”

Strange, having been endorsed by Trump, claimed he was the obvious candidate for all of the Alabama voters who want their Senator to blindly follow the mentally unstable president.

“The president had a choice and he picked me,” Strange said, sounding like a teenage girl boasting about her date to the prom.

He continued: “Are we going to support the president? Are we going to make America great again? Are we going to put people in there that he wants that will do the hard work to get things done?”

Moore took a shot at Strange’s obsession with having won Trump’s support, saying the endorsement didn’t matter because Trump was essentially tricked by Mitch McConnell into giving it.

“President Trump is being cut off in his office, being redirected by people like McConnell who do not support his agenda,” he said, according to the same report in The Hill.

Strange, defending his political crush, took offense to the suggestion that the fearless leader in the White House could be tricked into doing anything.

“To suggest the President of the United States, the head of the free world, a man who is changing the world is being manipulated by Mitch McConnell is insulting to the president,” Strange said.

And just when things couldn’t seem to get any more creepy, the two men rose to the occasion.

“There is a God and there is a God in heaven that is in this campaign,” Moore said. “We look forward to Sept. 26 and the answer is coming soon.”

Refusing to be out-Godded by Moore, Strange shot back: “I think God is on both of our sides, I think he is on the president’s side. One thing I do know — the president is on my side.”

Meanwhile, in reality, Trump continues to be buried in criminal investigations, he has failed to pass any major piece of legislation, he has recklessly raised the odds of a nuclear war with North Korea, and he repeatedly demonstrates just how mentally unfit he is to hold the office.

In that context, the sight of two men fighting over who loves Trump more is actually stunning, even in a deeply red state.

There are various ways of defining the word “insanity.” I would certainly describe what happened on Thursday in Alabama as one of those ways.