After Bogus Tough Talk Of Destroying N. Korea, Trump Meekly Announces New Sanctions

Trump waited until after a pool spray with the Afghanistan president to tell reporters that instead of destroying North Korea, he is going to add new sanctions.

Two days ago, Trump stood up in front of literally the world at the UN and threatened to totally destroy North Korea. Somehow that bluster has translated into new sanctions. Sanctions are better than dropping bombs and starting a new war, but when a president amps up the rhetoric to the level that Trump did and only follows through with more sanctions, the message being sent is that the US president is weak and lacks a coherent policy.

No one is arguing for war, but Trump can’t expect to solve the crisis in North Korea with empty military threats that he hopes will play well on television. Trump is making himself look weak. The presidency is not a reality television show. He can’t bluster his way through an international crisis. Trump is harming the credibility and standing of the United States as his actions consistently fail to match his words.

Trump is losing, and his threats are only making the North Korea nuclear crisis worse.