CNN Sells Out America By Holding A Debate To Help Republicans Kill Obamacare

CNN is setting up a debate with Sens. Cassidy, Graham, Klobuchar, and Sanders that looks designed to help Republicans kill Obamacare.

The announcement of the debate:

Democrats immediately saw through what was really happening:

Republicans don’t want to debate Obamacare versus Trumpcare. Bernie Sanders was included in the debate because Republicans want to debate Trumpcare versus their imaginary Bernie Sanders socialist medicine boogyman.

Sen. Graham confirmed it in a radio interview:

The single-payer bill has no place in the debate of Obamacare versus Trumpcare. The Bernie Sanders bill has no chance of passing and becoming law in foreseeable future.

Why did CNN play into Republican hands by holding a debate featuring Sanders?

Because they really don’t care about the healthcare issue. CNN wants to create drama and fireworks. Bernie Sanders is a personality, so CNN doesn’t care if his presence is going to allow Republicans to hold an imaginary debate of Trumpcare vs. Berniecare.

It is all about creating interesting TV. Republicans can’t win a fight against Obamacare, but they know that they will win if the discussion is turned to a question of capitalism against socialism.

CNN is helping Republicans kill Obamacare because as they fall more behind Rachel Maddow and MSNBC, they have returned to climbing in bed with Republicans in a desperate bid to create something that people will watch.