Trump Sets Himself Up For An Epic Meltdown By Thinking That This Time Obamacare Repeal Will Pass

Just like he has done two times before, Donald Trump is once again promising that Obamacare repeal will pass. If it doesn’t, prepare for an epic Trump meltdown.


Trump said, “I think there’s tremendous support for it. I think it’s actually much better than the previous shot. We think this has a very good chance. At some point the Senate is going to be forced to make a deal. They’re just about at that point right now.”

Graham-Cassidy is not a deal. Democrats were not consulted on this bill. Democrats have had no input on the bill. This bill is more the same old, same old of Republicans trying to unilaterally ram a piece of legislation through Congress that would take health care away from 32 million Americans through a closed process that doesn’t allow for hearings, debate, or amendments from Democrats.

It is a lie to call this a “deal.”

Trump may sound confident about passage, but Republicans still don’t have the 50 votes that they need to get the legislation through the Senate. If they fail again, Donald Trump is going to unleash an epic tantrum, because he thinks that there should have been a bill waiting for him to sign after he was sworn into office. Trump views the presidency as he sits on his butt, offers no legislative direction, Congress does all the work, and he takes the credit.

The President thinks this bill will pass because he has no clue how government works and if the Senate doesn’t pass the bill, he going to tantrum and take zero responsibility for his own incompetence.