A Democratic Senator Just Dropped A 100 Amendment Mega Bomb On The GOP Plot To Kill Obamacare

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) warned Republicans that if they try to bring up Graham-Cassidy for a vote, he has 100 amendments ready to go that will keep the debate going until the reconciliation language expires on September 30.

Sen. Murphy tweeted:

Murphy and the Democrats are ready to act, and it looks like they are gearing up to potentially hold the floor until the reconciliation language expires at the end of September. Sen. Murphy was correct. It looks like Graham-Cassidy may be on the ropes, but people can’t let their guard down and stop fighting. Republicans have made their intentions clear. They aren’t going to stop until they have taken health care away from millions and made health insurance and income based luxury where the people who earn the most money will get the most care.

Democrats are going to sit back and just let McConnell, Trump, and company harm millions of people. It is projected that if Graham-Cassidy becomes law, 41,600 additional Americans will die each year.

The fight won’t be over until this bill is dead and a bipartisan fix of Obamacare is signed into law.

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