Rachel Maddow Crushes Trump By Spending Less Than A Minute Talking About His Alabama Rally

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow showed why she is the number one show on cable news by spending less a minute talking about Trump’s rally in Alabama, and instead of opening her show focusing on the Russia scandal and the fading GOP attempt at Obamacare repeal.

Maddow opened with the latest Obamacare news and didn’t mention Trump’s rally until four minutes into her show.

Here is a screenshot of her mention of Trump:

It is the biggest sign of Trump’s fading to black presidency that the top-rated show on cable news did not feel it was necessary to break in and cover his remarks live.

Even All In with Chris Hayes gave Trump more coverage, but it was done mostly on a delayed basis with panel discussions mixed in.

While CNN cut Trump’s audio, went split screen and launched into a panel discussion:

Cable news, outside of Fox, has learned a key lesson from Maddow. For most of America, Trump is not must-see television. Maddow has risen to the top of cable news by not spending time analyzing what Trump is saying, but focusing on what the administration is doing or might have done as it relates to Russia.

Others have caught on, and that means that a man who won the presidency thanks to billions of dollars in free television can’t even get a speech covered live in primetime on a Friday night.

Maddow has proven that viewers want programs that examine Trump with a critical eye. Wall to wall Trump coverage is out and has been replaced by intelligent journalists pulling back the curtains and revealing what the Trump administration doesn’t want people to see.