Sec. of State Rex Tillerson Says 6 Words That Should Terrify Every American

When Sec. of State Rex Tillerson was asked what the US will do if North Korea detonates a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific, he uttered six words that should scare the American people. The ultimate decision to launch a nuclear war will be up to Donald Trump.

When asked by David Muir if there will be military action if North Korea drops an H-bomb in the Pacific. Tillerson said, “That will be the President’s decision, David.” Tillerson tried to quiet the fears about Trump’s stability by adding, “There is assembled on a standing basis a National Security Council that meets on each of these issues to advise the president. Ultimately it will be his decision.”

Those last six words should scare everyone. When push comes to shove, there is no one that can overrule or veto Trump if he gets in a mood and decides to launch World War III because the North Koreans insulted him. During the election, non-partisan national security experts warned that this exact sort of crisis is why Trump is unfit for the presidency.

The Trump administration has no North Korea policy or strategy. They are veering wildly from one option to another. The presidency is unstable, and the fate of the world may rest with a president whose mental fitness for office is questioned on a daily basis.