With Two Tweets Trump Took A Giant Leap Closer To Leaving The White House In Handcuffs

With two tweets about the Russia scandal on Friday, Donald Trump gave investigators more information that brought them closer to potential criminal charges.

Trump tweeted:

These are not the tweets of an innocent man. Donald Trump is trying to blame Facebook for Russia’s election interference while changing the subject to Hillary Clinton and the media. The distractions and excuses are techniques that are used by guilty people who are trying to deflect attention from their own crimes.

There is one question that Trump and his defenders have never been able to answer. If the Russia scandal is a hoax, why did the President fire James Comey to kill the investigation? Trump has admitted multiple times that he fired Comey over Russia, but firing the FBI Director would never have been necessary if Trump was innocent.

Trump’s claims fail to clear the bar of basic common sense, which suggests that an innocent person would welcome an investigation because it would clear their name and end any questions about their legitimacy.

Investigators are examining these tweets because Trump is drawing a map for them. He is telling them that his crimes are linked to Russia. There is nothing legally preventing law enforcement from charging Trump with a crime that was committed before he took office. The presidency is not a gift of lifetime immunity. The prevalent idea is that the president can only be impeached, but this has never been challenged.

If Trump were to be indicted at the state level, that if convicted he could try to remain president from behind bars at least until Congress removed him from office.

Trump’s tweets are bringing him closer to being led out of the White House in disgrace.