Self-Obsessed Trump Lashes Out At NBA Players For Refusing To Kiss His Ring


The mentally unstable commander-in-chief was at it again on Saturday morning, this time taking to Twitter to lash out at NBA players for refusing to kiss his ring.

In response to the news that the Golden State Warriors are still undecided about visiting the White House to celebrate their NBA Championship, Trump shot a a tweet a Warrior star Stephen Curry, saying, “invitation is withdrawn!”


Instead of facing yet another potential embarrassment for his presidency – an NBA team deciding against visiting the White House to celebrate their title – Trump likely rescinded the invitation before the Warriors had a chance to say they weren’t coming.

The tweet comes after Trump attacked another set of professional athletes – NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem – during a rally in Alabama.

At the event, Trump urged NFL owners – many of whom donated millions to his inaugural fund – to “get that son of a b**** off the field” when a player kneels during the anthem.

Once again the human comment section living in the White House is proving not just that his mental train is fully off the rails, but that he doesn’t really care about governing the country or solving problems – he just wants to spew nonsense behind a podium to people who will clap for it.

If he put as much energy into ranting about solving climate change, improving health care or investing in American infrastructure, perhaps his presidency wouldn’t be such a failure to this point.

Oh, and let’s not forget at this hour that Puerto Rico is under water and the U.S. is still recovering from two massive hurricanes.

But instead of doing his job and focusing on real problems, he likes to hold campaign rallies where he can spew nonsense and have his ego stroked by people he fooled into supporting him.

If you’re keeping score at home, here are a few things that have really been bothering this insecure and unwell president lately: NFL players exercising their First Amendment rights, NBA players not worshipping him, the Emmys, and ESPN.

Things that haven’t really irked him: Russian attacks on U.S. democracy, white supremacist violence, Nazis and the KKK.

Nobody has tarnished the stars and stripes more than this president. It’s past time for all Americans – not just NFL players – to start taking a knee.