Trump Throws A Tantrum And Bashes John McCain As He Battles Brain Cancer

Trump took his classless behavior to a new low level on Saturday as he bashed Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for not supporting the latest attempt to jam Obamacare repeal through the Senate, as McCain is fighting for his life and battling brain cancer.

Trump tweeted:

It is interesting that Chuck Schumer who Trump has now made two deals with is suddenly a bad actor who would sell McCain a bill of good, but Trump found him trustworthy enough to do deals with him. Trump is also wrong about block grants and demonstrating that he doesn’t even know what’s in Graham-McCain because the bill contains its own set of rules and requirements for states.

The President Of The United States is bashing a man with brain cancer for being consistent on how he wants to see a healthcare bill passed. McCain’s actions haven’t always matched his rhetoric, but in this case, he has been consistent.

It is tasteless and beneath the presidency, for Trump to criticize McCain as he is battling such a serious illness, but Donald Trump is showing that he only cares about himself and “winning.”