As Plot To Hide His Crimes Fails, A Former Prosecutor Says The One Word That Terrifies Trump

Former federal prosecutor Preet Bharara explained why the word obstruction should terrify Trump during an interview on CNN.


Transcript via CNN’s State Of The Union:

BHARARA: So, that’s great.

Look, I think everything you see from our armchair seats suggests that Robert Mueller is going to chase down everything that might suggest a crime has been committed by any associate, colleague, relative of the president, and also the president himself.

That does not mean that there will be a referral to the House of Representatives for impeachment. That does not mean there’s going to be a charge against anyone.

But I think Bob Mueller, based on my knowledge of him, and based on, I think, what his lifetime of service as a prosecutor, as an FBI director indicates, is that he’s going to look at everything.


TAPPER: Including obstruction?

BHARARA: I think, clearly, one of the things he’s going to be looking at is obstruction.

I think any prosecutor or investigator who sees the evidence that has come forward, including the firing of Jim Comey, including the conversations about how much the president did not like the Russia investigation, including what he said about Michael Flynn, all of that together paints a picture of potential obstruction.

And Bob Mueller is a thorough and serious person and fearless. And I think he’s got to go there.

TAPPER: So, help me out with this part of it.

An investigation that began by looking at potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia may hinge on the word obstruction. While a case can be made that collusion hasn’t been proven yet, there is ample evidence that Trump attempted to obstruct justice. The Trump relationship with Russia is important in this context because it goes to the heart of why Trump may have obstructed justice.

Special Counsel Mueller may already have ample evidence of obstruction of justice. Trump is fighting with the NFL and creating cultural firestorms everywhere because he is trying to take the focus off of his failing presidency and the Russia investigation.

Trump is scared, and the words of Bharara should only add to his terror.