It Isn’t Your Imagination. America Really Does Despise The Republican Party.


Opinion of the Republican Party is at its lowest point since CNN began poling the question in 1992.

While nearly 6 in 10 Americans are mad at both parties, opinion of the Republican Party has hit an all-time low according to a new CNN poll.

While 41% approve of the Democratic Party and 51% disapprove, only 29% approve of the Republican Party while 62% disapprove.


That is fewer than 1/3 of Americans who hold a favorable view of Republicans, as pointed out in a CNN analysis. “That is down 13 percentage points from March and is the lowest mark for the GOP since CNN began asking the question in 1992.”

Republicans got near this level of disapproval before, both times when they were obstructing Democratic presidents, “The previous low point for the GOP was 30% — hit twice — in October 2013 following the federal government shutdown over President Barack Obama’s health care law, and December 1998, in the wake of the House of Representatives approving two articles of impeachment against then President Bill Clinton.”

The Republican Party either doesn’t learn from its mistakes, has too many new members who are unaware of history, or has a lot of collective faith in Russian help and gerrymandering. For whatever reason, Republicans are continuing on the path of not governing or legislating and instead planning more hearings into Hillary Clinton’s emails even though Donald Trump’s White House is also using private email addresses to conduct West Wing business and trying to discredit the investigations into Trump’s possible collusion with Russia (that is, enabling a hostile foreign power to continue its attack on the United States).

Additionally, Republicans see their own party as not working with President Trump enough, so the Party itself is getting hammered by the divide from within.

Republicans have hit an all time low in public opinion. The only question is what took so long.