Trump hugs American flag

Trump Hides Behind The Flag As Putin’s Shadow Leaves His Presidency In Perpetual Darkness

Trump made the reason for his fight with the NFL clear on Sunday. The President is attempting to hide behind the flag to dodge the growing darkness of the Russia scandal.

Trump tweeted:

The president picked the fight with the protesting NFL players because he thinks that he can make himself look like a patriot who is defending the flag by condemning their freedom of speech. When Trump does something bizarre, and out of the blue it is usually because he is trying to inoculate himself from bad news that is about to drop.

Judging from Trump’s behavior, the bad news is related to Russia. The one consistency with Trump since his rise into national politics is that he always wraps his un-American behavior in pro-American slogans. As Trump was running around the country promising to make America great, there is mounting evidence that his campaign was in communication with Putin and Russia.

While Trump promises to bring jobs back to America, his own company gave the contract to construct a new golf course to a company owned by the Chinese government. These contradictions are not coincidences.

The Russia scandal is looming over Trump’s presidency. Putin’s shadow follows this president wherever he goes. From the moment that he took office, the Russia scandal has paralyzed Trump, and the tighter he tries to wrap the flag around himself, the worse the news about the scandal is going to be.

Trump’s attacks on the NFL are not just a distraction. They are also a preemptive self-defense.

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