Hillary Clinton Steps In And Gives Absent Trump A Step-By-Step Plan To Save Puerto Rico

With Donald Trump too busy tweeting about professional athletes, Hillary Clinton stepped in on Monday to give him a step-by-step guide to deal with the dire situation in Puerto Rico – something the president has been totally absent on.

Free of charge, Clinton a quick but meaningful plan to help the 3.5 million American citizens in Puerto Rico.


Clinton said:

He clearly doesn’t want to talk about Puerto Rico – more than 3.5 million American citizens, along with the U.S. Virgin Islands. Not interested, doesn’t say a word about it. Now, FEMA is down there. I’ve called on him to send the Navy, particularly the naval hospital ship called US Comfort. I really think that would be a big help. We don’t hear a word, and we don’t hear anybody high up in the administration – you don’t hear from the Vice President or anybody else. So, he doesn’t think that has any political relevance and it’s certainly not personally important.

Not only is Clinton proving herself to be far more presidential than Trump, but she is showing that she could be a better president than Trump without even having the job.

Meanwhile, instead of focusing on the millions of people underwater in Puerto Rico, Trump is waging an all-out war on professional athletes who dare to exercise their First Amendment rights. That’s because, as Clinton alluded to, there is a greater political upside, particularly among his base, to wage a cultural war against African American sports players than competently manage a natural disaster in Puerto Rico.

Luckily, Hillary Clinton’s advice to Trump on how to help Puerto Rico is babyproof. All he has to do is acknowledge the disaster and send help.

He couldn’t possibly fumble that, could he?