Trump Humiliates Himself By Not Knowing The Vice President Breaks Ties In The Senate


During a radio interview, Trump repeatedly proclaimed that Obamacare repeal is dead because at least two Republicans are going to vote against it. The President appeared not to understand that his own vice president can break a tie in the Senate.



Trump said, “We have 52 Senators, so you lose two, you’re out. Now, we get the vice president who by the way is coming to Alabama today to campaign strongly for Luther, so you know, we don’t have much of a margin. We don’t have any margin.”

That is not how any of this works. If Republicans lose three votes, they’re done. Right now, they have lost a definite two.

Just to make sure that he wasn’t misunderstood, Trump repeated the same inaccuracy later in the interview, “As I told you, we have 52 votes, so we can’t lose any votes. I mean practically, so we’re going to lose two or three votes, and that’s the end of that.”

There is a huge difference between losing two votes and losing three votes. A loss of two votes means that the bill passes after Mike Pence breaks the tie. A three-vote loss means that the bill is dead.

Trump has no idea how the legislative process works. It is no wonder that he is the greatest presidential failure in modern history. Trump can’t get the number of votes he needs for a bill to pass right.

The President Of The United States should know basic civics.

Donald Trump keeps finding new and different to humiliate himself by showing how little he knows about the country that he is supposed to be governing.