Trump’s Tough Talk Is Failing As 53% Of Americans Fear He’s Leading U.S. Toward Nuclear War

Donald Trump’s tough talk on North Korea may appeal to the small fraction of the country that still supports him, but the majority of Americans are afraid he’s recklessly leading the United States toward an unnecessary nuclear war.

According to a new CBS News poll, 53 percent of the country believes Trump is on the verge of plunging America into an unintended war with North Korea.

More from CBS News:

The same CBS poll noted that just 39 percent – about the same number of people who approve of his job performance – believe Trump is doing a good job managing the growing threat North Korea poses.

Overall, the survey found that just 35 percent of the country believes Trump is doing a good job.

The poor approval numbers with respect to North Korea come as the president has spent weeks ignoring the advice of all foreign policy experts – and even his own advisers – to tone down his rhetoric.

The reckless and unstable commander-in-chief has done just the opposite, using a speech to the United Nations to say he will “totally destroy” North Korea and again refer to Kim Jong-un as “rocket man.”

On Monday, the North Koreans said Trump’s remarks in that speech amounted to a “declaration of war” on their country, and they will shoot down U.S. bombers, even if they’re not in North Korea’s airspace.

The situation in North Korea is fragile and complicated, and there is certainly no easy or quick solution, but one thing is clear: the loose cannon in the White House is making matters worse, not better.