Republicans Are Already Abandoning Trump’s Tax Plan As Things Get Worse For The GOP

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Republicans are coming out against Trump’s tax plan, as the party of low taxes is looking increasingly unlikely to pass a tax cut.

Bloomberg reported:

President Donald Trump’s promised tax overhaul may force dozens of Republican congressmen in states including New York and New Jersey into a politically damaging vote to repeal a $1.3 trillion tax break their districts use heavily.But not if Representative Peter King of New York can help it. King, a Republican who represents Long Island, said he’ll oppose any attempt to repeal the state and local tax deduction, calling it “absolutely essential to my district.”


King is one of 52 Republicans — more than enough to scuttle any bill that lacks Democratic support — who hail from districts that use the state tax deduction disproportionately. He thinks enough of those Republican colleagues will band together to keep its repeal out of any comprehensive tax legislation this fall, complicating GOP plans.

If half of these 52 Republicans oppose the plan, Trump’s tax bill will die in the House. Republicans have been acting like tax cuts, and tax reform will be easy, but the tax code is equally if not more complicated than health care. There is no agreement on a tax cut plan, and given that the holidays are right around the corner, the odds of Trump getting tax cuts passed during his first year in office are decreasing by the minute.


The Republican Party has revealed itself to be unable to govern. They control Congress and the White House and have passed zero pieces of major legislation in 2017. The GOP has wasted time on an Obamacare repeal that the country didn’t want and frittered away nearly a quarter of Trump’s time in office with infighting, and a president who stop tripping over his own two feet long enough to get anything done.

The Trump tax cuts are no sure thing, and if his tax plan fails, the stock market that Trump is bragging about is certain to tank. Things are about to go from bad to a whole lot worse for Trump and the Republican Party.

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