Robert Mueller Follows The Money And Finds Russian Dollars In Trump’s Back Pocket

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating three donations from Americans with ties to Russia to Trump political funds that total $2 million.

According to ABC News, “Three Americans with significant Russian business connections contributed almost $2 million to political funds controlled by Donald Trump, ABC News has learned. The timing of contributions coming from US citizens with ties to Russia is now being questioned by investigators for special counsel Robert Mueller, according to a Republican campaign aide interviewed by Mueller’s team…..Those donations began flowing to the Republican National Committee, the group says, just as Trump was on the verge of securing the Republican nomination and culminated in two large gifts – totaling $1.25 million – from these individuals to the Trump inaugural fund following his victory.”

The donations whether they are legal or not go straight to proving both motive and that Russians were bankrolling Trump’s presidential campaign. Mueller and his team are closely looking at Trump for obstruction of justice. To recommend a charge of obstruction, the Special Counsel will need to explain why Trump was trying to kill the Russia investigation.

What Mueller is uncovering is that the Russians were more directly involved with the Trump campaign than anyone realized. The Russians were not only trying to sabotage Clinton and assist Trump; they may have been cooperating with and funding the Trump campaign and the Republican Party.

The reason why an outside independent investigation is needed is that it is looking like the Republican Party was compromised.

Mueller is following the money, and it is leading him to a direct Trump/Russia connection.