With A Spine Of Steel, Adam Schiff Calls It Is A Badge Of Honor To Be Attacked By Trump

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) isn’t intimidated by Trump and his associates’ personal attacks on him. In fact, Schiff called the attacks a badge of honor.

Schiff was asked by Maddow if Stone’s attacks on him were distracting or offensive, and he answered, “Honestly, I consider some of these things a badge of honor. When you’re attacked by the President, or Mr. Stone, or Steve Bannon, I just view it as well, I must be doing my job right.”

The answer from the ranking member of the House committee investigating the Russia scandal was the last thing that Trump and his collection of small-time bullies wanted to hear. A former prosecutor like Adam Schiff is not going to be thrown off the investigation or derailed by some Trump insults or Roger Stone political performance art.

Rep. Schiff has the sort of guts that are lacking in the Republican Congressional majority. America needs public servants like Schiff because it will take people with backbone and courage to unearth what happened during the 2016 election.

Trump is failing to make the Russia scandal go away because his reality television tactics aren’t working in the adult world of real power players and US politics. Trump is in over his head, and the message from Schiff was that he isn’t going to back down from anyone.