White House Refuses To Answer If Kushner and Ivanka Trump Leaked Classified Info In Private Email

The White House refused to answer when asked if Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump leaked classified information by using private email.


Kristen Welker of NBC News reported, “The White House is not commenting on what type of emails these are, the nature of the emails. Of course, they are quick to say do not try to draw a comparison to this and Hillary Clinton using a private email server. Of course, Hillary Clinton exclusively used a private email server. That was what was at issue. There were a few emails that did contain some classified information. When I pressed the White House though on whether any of these emails contained classified information, no response yet.”

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This is nothing like the Hillary Clinton email scandal. What the Trump White House did was worse. Republicans invented the Hillary Clinton email scandal, and she was found to have committed no crime. Trump’s White House is systematically violating the Presidential Records Act. They wouldn’t answer whether Kushner and Ivanka Trump leaked classified information either because they don’t know, or the answer will cause this White House even more problems.

After they made such a big deal over Hillary Clinton’s email, the Trump White House only had one simple rule to follow. Don’t use private email for government business. However, this administration is so lawless and entitled that they feel that laws don’t apply to them.

The Trump White House is drowning in a sea of their own ineptitude and corruption.

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