A Deranged Trump Is Now Hallucinating Healthcare Victories In Public

During a speech that was supposed to be about tax reform, Trump claimed to have the votes to pass Graham-Cassidy. Trump made it up. He doesn’t have the votes to pass Graham-Cassidy.


Trump announced during his speech in Indiana that he has the votes to pass Graham-Cassidy.

The problem is that Trump doesn’t have the votes:

Trump is so out of his mind that he is inventing support and timetables for votes that don’t exist. Notice that Trump doesn’t say how the reconciliation language is going to be brought up again, and he seems to think that Sen. Lisa Murkowski is going to vote for the bill even though she has shown no sign of doing so.

The President Of The United States is so mentally gone that he imagines accomplishments that may never happen. Trump is making all of this up. He hasn’t talked to the Senate, and there is no plan to do what he suggested will happen.

Trump is making it up, and a president who lives in a fantasy land is unfit to hold the office.

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