Corrupt Republicans Ignore Russia Scandal But Go After Online Anti-Fracking Ads

Republicans continue to deny that the Russians impacted the U.S. election for Donald Trump, and the President himself calls the notion a hoax and claims Facebook had it out for him.

The intelligence community has warned Republicans that if they don’t act, Russia is poised to interfere in the 2018 midterms, but Republicans have not taken action to protect the United States.

They are, however, quite quick on the draw to use the Russia investigation to go after anti-fracking ads.

House Science and Technology Committee Chairman Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican and climate change denier, gave Twitter, Facebook and Google two weeks to turn over anti-fracking ad info to the House Russia investigation:

“House Science and Technology Committee Chairman Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican and climate change denier, asked the CEOs of the technology companies to turn over documents by Oct. 10 that detail the involvement of Russian-based or funded entities detected on their platforms, information on ads they purchased, and any communications concerning ads advocating for ‘so-called green initiatives.’

Smith and the Republicans on the committee that oversees U.S. scientific agencies have targeted mainstream climate change scientists, questioning their integrity and calling for eliminating federal funding for climate research. They have also accused environmental groups of colluding with Russians to push for regulations to curb fossil fuel extraction.

The committee, which oversees U.S. scientific agencies, believes such anti-fracking ads reflect “the Russian government’s concern about the impact of fracking … on the global energy market and potential challenges to profitability” of Russian energy companies, the letter said.”

That sure is speedy, considering that Congressional Republicans haven’t managed to do one thing to protect the U.S. midterm elections.

Congress did pass a bipartisan Russia sanctions that keep Trump from lifting the sanctions without Congressional approval, but this does nothing but actually incentivize Russia more to interfere in the midterms on behalf of Republicans who will take a Trumpian line on Russia.

Rep. Lamar Smith received $739,647 from the oil and gas industry during his career, according to Open Secrets. Oil and gas is an industry that has donated to Republicans at a much higher rate than they have Democrats. Perhaps if our flag had lobbyists in D.C., we could get some help from Republicans.

President Trump claims that he is defending our flag by attacking the free speech of NFL players, but Congressional Republicans and the President are making sure Russia can interfere in the 2018 elections, which is as opposite of patriotism as you can be before the t word comes into play.