Trump Ignorance Unfolds In Real Time As He Tweets Healthcare Win Then Realizes He Lost

President Trump’s tweet claiming Strange gained support due to him has been deleted, leaving the claim that the Dallas Cowboys will “stand” for their “country” after he spoke to Jerry Jones and then a quick pivot to an expected win on the GOP health care bill after Friday.

… Only to learn after that tweet what everyone else already knew, and that is that the parliamentary rules that would have allowed Republicans to ram their horrific bill through expire on Friday.

Your confused President weighing in on subjects about which he is clearly misinformed, uninformed, or just plain lost:

Trump tweeted: Luther Strange has been shooting up in the Alabama polls since my endorsement. Finish the job – vote today for “Big Luther.” [0655 EDT]

Roy Moore won the Republican primary Tuesday evening, not Luther Strange, whom Trump endorsed. Trump also got the month of the Alabama Senate special general election wrong during his congratulations. It’s in December, not November.

But now here to the real cluster. Sometimes it seems as if the people around the President are carefully feeding him the news through rose colored bites, so that he thinks things are going well when in fact, they are not. To wit this morning, Trump was quite pleased about his repeal Obamacare situation.

Many people pointed out the obvious and yes, this was widely reported:

A mere four minutes after his happy victory tweet, Trump responded to the bad news that is the reality of his “leadership” style with a demand that the filibuster rule be killed:

Sure, stand for the anthem but kill the filibuster so you can take healthcare away from millions. More cheap patriotism masking a dictator style theft from the people.

Republicans say they’re doing to do something to take your insurance away before the end of the year, so it’s not that victory on this issue is unthinkable for Trump, but that he seems clueless as to the reason for the Republican rush.

Trump is having a really bad week, but instead of facing the reality of how our government works, he’s like a bull in the china shop of democracy — carelessly destroying the carefully constructed foundations of freedom in search of an ego stroke.