Trump In A World Of Hurt As Congress Launches Investigation Into Tom Price’s Use Of Private Jets

Republicans and Democrats on the House Oversight Committee have launched an investigation into HHS Secretary Tom Price’s use of private jets at taxpayer expense.

Here is the letter signed by both Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD):

congress price letterprice letter 2

With Obamacare repeal dead, the Russia special counsel closing in on him, and his tax plan under fire, the last thing Trump needed was another Congressional investigation into his administration. Price is in hot water for taking dozens of private charter flights that cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars where there were cheaper commercial flights available.

The culture of waste and abuse of taxpayer funds starts at the top of this administration. Tom Price and other officials are taking their cues from Donald Trump. The President has already bankrupted the Secret Service for the year, and Trump has spent more on vacations than Obama cost taxpayers in eight years.

When a president and his family waste taxpayer funds with as much reckless abandon as the Trumps, it isn’t a shock when the rest of the administration follows along with the tone that the first family has set.

Congress should start with a crackdown on abuse of funds by administration officials, but they should also take on the epicenter of misuse known as Donald Trump.

Trump tried to pull his usual stunt of claiming that he isn’t happy while throwing Price under the bus, but no one should be surprised when an administration with no ethics does unethical things.