Americans Now Trust ESPN More Than Trump As Media Attacks Blow Up In His Face

According to a new PPP Poll, Trump’s strategy of attacking the media is backfiring, as all the media outlets polled, even ESPN are more trusted than the President.

The breakdown of the media vs. Trump PPP question:

One of the worst political miscalculations that Trump has made, and he has made quite a few, was the idea that he could extend the Fox News mentality of distrust of all non-conservative media to the presidency and it would result in the press being discredited.

The opposite has happened. The American people saw a president and administration that lies as part of their daily routine, and they have trusted the press more than the president. The idea that Trump who always needs an enemy to campaign against could replace his campaign rivals with the press was dubious in theory. In practice, it has resulted in a president who desperately craves good media coverage being driven to a near breakdown as he obsesses over major newspapers and cable news.

When even the sports network is viewed as more trustworthy than the President, Trump scheme has not only failed. It has blown up in his face.

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