Fox News Goes Full Blown State Run Media By Helping Trump Lie About Obamacare Repeal

Trump did an interview on Fox and Friends where he was allowed to blatantly lie about why Obamacare repeal has failed to pass, as the network did what any propaganda outlet does by disregarding the truth.



Trump keeps repeating this lie in the hope that eventually people will believe it. The problem as reporters brought up on Wednesday when he first started this warping of reality is that Sen. Thad Cochran of Mississippi is not in the hospital. Secondly, Trump doesn’t have the votes for the bill to pass, and finally, Cochran was already a yes vote, none of the three Republican no votes have switched their position to support the bill.

In the bigger context, the exchange that aired on Fox and Friends demonstrates how Fox has gone from a conservative news channel to a state-run television network. Trump and Fox News appear to have a deal. The network unquestioningly runs with everything Trump says, and in return, they get exclusive cable news access to this president.

With Trump being historically unpopular, Fox News is getting the short end of the stick. Trump is shrinking the Fox News audience down to its core. Viewership was down 20% in primetime in the last quarter. Fox News, while still robust and profitable, is suffering under Trump, and becoming a blatant propaganda outlet for this president isn’t going to bring those viewers who left back.